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Surgical Technician 14 Month Course 
Surgical Technician are currently in demand at hospitals,outpatient surgery center, doctors offices, registries.
 The need for surgical procedures will increase dramatically along with the demand for Surgical Technicians.. 

This Program will cover 

  • Surg Tech 1
  • Surg Tech 2    
You will also learn the latest information on surgical tech procedures tools
 forcleaning;point of-use processing, preparation, and transport; complex 
surgical instrument; tracking systems; and ambulatory surgeries and related
practice.Career Health is a Proud member of the Association of Surgical 
Technologists(AST).National Testing is provided by (NHA)

CHS Surgical Technician training program will prepare you for employment in a surgical setting,with opportunity
 to advance rapidly.

This 14 month program prepares students to function within the sterile environment of the operating room assisting 
physicians during surgical procedures. The surgical technology field requires physical stamina, manual dexterity,the
ability to maintain good working relationships with patience and tact, and the ability to work well in high-stress situation.
Intensive study program includes anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, microbiology, pharmacology, principles 
of aseptic and universal precaution techniques, surgical procedures, patient care and clinical experience in area 
hospitals and Surgery Centers.

Students begin clinical rotations in in their 2ND  semester.

Surgical Technician plays a key role in the fast-paced environment of the 

OR. From the preparation of sterile equipment before surgery until the patient is taken to recovery, the job of the 
Surgical Technician  is to ensure the surgery runs smoothly and cleanly.

Surgical Technician Employment Opportunities include: 

  • Hospitals. 
  • Outpatient surgery center 
  • Physicians Offices. and more. 

Salary $34,000- $39,000


What do Surgical Technician do?

  • Setting up surgical instruments, equipment.
  • Assist in surgical procedures(operations)
  • Help prepare the operating room 
  • During surgery, technologist pass instruments and other sterile supplies to Surgeons and Surgeon Assistants
  • Assist with patient preparation 
  • Operate sterilizers,lights, ad suction machines