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Pharmacy Technician 16 Week Course 

The job of Pharmacy Technician or aide includes assisting licensed pharmacists with clerical duties in managing a pharmacy. Most often technicians serve as clerks or cashiers who mainly answer telephones, manage money, supply and stock shelves, and execute other administrative duties. Pharmacy aides work directly with pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians carry out more complicated duties that aides, however, in a few states, their functions and labels pf the occupation cannot be separated.

Technicians assist the pharmacy to run smoothly through performing several essential duties. These duties include:

  • Set Up and preserve patient reports
  • Set up forms insurance claims
  • Supply and make an account of amounts of prescriptions as well as over the counter safety when dealing with medications. 

It is necessary that pharmacy technicians proficiently and accurately communicate with those third parties providing insurance to attain payment due to the fact that most individuals receive help fro insurance for the cost of medications. Pharmacy  Technicians additionally keep up with the inventory and notify the overseer of stock requests to ensure that the pharmacy has a sufficient amount of rare medications when needed. A few may also wash pharmacy apparatus, assist with the up keep of utensils and materials, as well as handle fund transactions. 

Salary $29,000- $32,000