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Dialysis Technician with Patient Care Technician 16 Weeks Course

Dialysis Technician also called Hemodialysis or Renal Dialysis Technician operate kidney dialysis machines.

Dialysis Technician have clinical and technician skills, and can be responsible for both direct care and patient care, Dialysis Technicians are also skilled with the operation of the dialysis equipment.
Responsibilities include mixing sterilization  solutions, setting up the dialysis machine, recording health history, recording vitals, monitoring patients for any  reactions and cleaning the area where blood will be extracted.

This course included the principles of dialysis, anatomy and physiology of the kidney, fluids and electrolyte balance, hematological aspects,infectious diseases, dialysis systems and and equipment..The course will provide students with Patient Care Technician comprehensive clinical skill required by most dialysis facilities for employment opportunities. Patient Care Technician is a vital part of Hemo-dialysis