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Career Studies

Become a Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technicians (PCT) prepares students for entry-level positions in the following facilities:

  • Hospitals
  • Urgent Care
  • Dialysis Centers
  • Doctor Offices
  • Mental Health Care Facilities
  • Labs
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Assisted Living Centers as Care Managers

Patient Care Technicians play a vital role on a   healthcare team, working directly under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Duties may include:

  • Recording/ reporting a patient condition
  • Blood collection
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Catheter care
  • Taking vital sign's
  • Measuring and recording intake/output
  • Assist patient with daily activities

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Become a Dialysis Technician

Dialysis Technician also called Hem dialysis or Renal Dialysis Technician operates kidney dialysis machine
Dialysis Technician have clinical and technician skills, and can be responsible for both direct care and patient care, Dialysis Technicians are also skilled with the operation of the dialysis equipment.

Responsibilities include mixing sterilization solutions, setting up the dialysis machine, recording health history,  recording vitals, monitoring patients for any  reactions and cleaning the area where blood will be extracted.
This course included the principles of dialysis, anatomy and physiology of the kidney, fluids and electrolyte balance, hematological aspects, infectious diseases, dialysis systems and equipment.

Become a Surgical Technician
Surgical Technician is currently in demand at hospitals, outpatient surgery center, doctors  offices, registries. The need for surgical procedures will increase dramatically along with the demand for Surgical Technicians..

This Program includes

  • Central Sterile Processing.
This Program will cover

  • Surg Tech 1
  • Surg Tech 2
  • Central Sterile Processing Techniques
You will also learn the latest information on surgical tech procedures tools for cleaning; point of-use processing, preparation, and transport; complex surgical instrument; tracking systems; and ambulatory surgeries and related practice.
CHS Surgical Technician training program will prepare you for employment in a surgical setting,with opportunity to advance rapidly.
This 14 month program prepares students to function within the sterile environment of the operating room assisting physicians during surgical procedures. The surgical technology field requires physical stamina, manual dexterity, the ability to maintain good working relationships with patience and tact, and the ability to work well in high-stress situation. Intensive study program includes anatomy, physiology, medical terminology, microbiology, pharmacology, principles of aseptic and universal precaution techniques, surgical procedures, patient care and clinical experience in area hospitals and Surgery Centers.
Students begin clinical rotations in their 2ND semester.
Surgical Technician plays a key role in the fast-paced environment of the
OR. From the preparation of sterile equipment before surgery until the patient is taken to recovery, the job of the Surgical Technician is to ensure the surgery runs smoothly and cleanly.
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Surgical Technician
Employment Opportunities include:
  • Hospitals.
  • Outpatient surgery center
  • Physicians Offices.
  • And more…

Salary $34,000- $39,000
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Become a Medical Assistant
(12 week course)
Medical Assistants perform many clerical duties. They answer telephones, greet patients update and file patient medical records, prepare insurance forms, handles billing and bookkeeping. Clinical duties vary according to stage law and include taking and recording vital signs and medical histories; explaining treatment procedures to patients , preparing patients for examination, and assisting during examination.
Medical Assistants collect and prepare laboratory specimens or perform basic laboratory tests on the premises and disposal of contaminated supplies and sterilization of medical instruments. Medical Assistants also instruct patients about medication and special diets, preparation and administer medications as directed by a physician authorize drug refills as directed, telephone prescriptions to a pharmacy, draw blood, prepare patients for X-rays, take EKG's, remove sutures and change dressings.

Medical Assistants may arrange examining room equipment, purchase and maintain supplies and equipment, and keep waiting and examining rooms neat and clean. Assistants who take specialty classes may have additional duties. Ophthalmic medical assistants help ophthalmologists provide medical eye care. They use precision instruments to administer diagnostic testes, measure and record vision, and test the functioning of eyes and eye muscles. They also show patients how to use eye dressings, protective shields, and safety glasses, and even care for contact lenses. Under the direction of the physician, they may administer medications, including eye drops. They maintain optical and surgical instruments and assist the ophthalmologist in surgery.
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Become a Nurse Assistant (CNA)
(4 week course)
This 100 hour- program teaches skill and theory that focus on the six principles of care and will enable participants to provide quality care for residents in long-term care facilities. Skills are taught that range from taking blood pressure and respiration, personal care and grooming to communication skills. The program fulfills the State of Michigan requirements.

Upon course completion participants will receive a certificate of completion and will be eligible to take the state certification test.

According to the Bureau of labor Statistics 50 percent of certified nursing assistant earn between
$24,729 and $29,887
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Become a Phlebotomy Technician
(4 week course)
Career Health Studies Institute offers a 4 weeks course.  
Phlebotomy Technician work hospitals, laboratories, physician's offices, donation facilities and other health care settings where blood is taken and analyzed. Some technicians travel to call on patients who are homebound.
This course covers the following and more.

Anatomy and physiology of the blood/ circulatory system, medical/lab terms, lab policies procedures and proper specimen handling which includes routine Urinalysis and Pharmacology. On campus lab and off site clinical practice sessions prepare students to perform standard and difficult draws, capillary punctures, IV punctures and injections.

According to the salary data
Salary $25,670-$28,264.
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Become a Pharmacy Technician
(24 week course)
The job of Pharmacy Technician or aide includes assisting licensed pharmacists with clerical duties in managing a pharmacy. Most often technicians serve as clerks or cashiers who mainly answer telephones, manage money, supply and stock shelves, and execute other administrative duties. Pharmacy aides work directly with pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technicians carry out more complicated duties that aides, however, in a few states, their functions and labels pf the occupation cannot be separated.
Technicians assist the pharmacy to run smoothly through performing several essential duties.These duties include:
  • Set Up and preserve patient reports
  • Set up forms insurance claims
  • Supply and make an account of amounts of prescriptions as well as over the counter safety when dealing with medications.
It is necessary that pharmacy technicians proficiently and accurately communicate with those third parties providing insurance to attain payment due to the fact that most individuals receive help fro insurance for the cost of medications. Pharmacy  Technicians additionally keep up with the inventory and notify the overseer of stock requests to ensure that the pharmacy has a sufficient amount of rare medications when needed. A few may also wash pharmacy apparatus, assist with the up keep of utensils and materials, as well as handle fund transactions.

Salary $29,000- $32,000
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